Now is the time to thrive

Present day technology has empowered the working world to unharness endless possibilities granting employees a freedom they had never imagined possible. Being able to create a work life balance and working in a way that encompasses personal preference and comfortability is now an obtainable reality. This evolving world of work has produced a new dynamic workforce that has resulted in productivity.

Over the last couple of years, technology has advanced to meet the workplace challenges brought on by the need to collaborate during the global pandemic. The sudden transition to online communication, and the speed at which the world adapted, blurred the memory of a time before these connections were possible. Though the pandemic meant less freedom due to lockdowns, the consequences of working at home meant adapting to a way of work very different from our original reality. The working world transcended into a new model of work that brought freedom across many elements of life. The freedom this new technology has now unlocked has given individuals the ability to work from anywhere, to spend more time with family, and evaluate the opportunities that are now possible.

The pandemic meant challenging times for many to try and keep companies afloat and a need to adapt to technology at a rapid pace. Now that the world is coming out of lockdown, the solutions that were put in place as a mean for businesses to survive, are now being optimize as solution to help businesses thrive. Companies now have the freedom to choose a communication solution unique for their business that will not only help their development, but also continue to bring flexibility and freedom to the workplace.

Freedom to be able to connect at a global level and have the tools to work in a remote or hybrid model brings many advantages to businesses across the globe. We are currently in a state in which distance barriers are being broken down and diverse global offices are being brought together. Companies are now more result driven and now have access to an amazing global talent pool which grants the freedom to choose a team based on talent and not on location.

There is freedom in flexibility and opportunities to be able to set up online meetings without having to travel across the world to work together. The technologies that are being implemented in the workplace are enabling employees to access and share information in real time. Even if they are halfway around the world, teams now have the ability to work together in a single platform that is simple in terms of use and access. Being able to work out of a single pane of glass solution makes collaborating with people easy and effective. We now have the capabilities to assess work remotely through key performance indicators in a single interface.

Other aspects of freedom mean people do not have to commute for hours to be able to work. They have gained extra time in their day for personal use. Giving them more flexibility and freedom to do more with their lives. They can distract themselves just enough that when they come back, they are more focused. Not only does this benefit the employee’s mental and physical health, but it is positive for a company’s overall success and well-being.

The current generation of leaders understand that in order to succeed in the workplace, people need to have the freedom to live a life worth working towards. Companies are no longer interested in restraining people to an office in order to measure productivity and success. They realize, when given the right tools and the freedom, people come into work feeling motivated and inspired. Along with that, employees are more inclined to stay with a company who values them and provides them with the collaboration tools to find the balance to have a life outside of work.

The product solutions that have been made available give us the freedom to have that work life balance. For us to be productive, we sometimes need to have that distraction and flexibility to work on a project that may not relate directly to work but can help us gain a fresh perspective. Making the best use of the workplace solutions that are being implemented globally we are likely to see many positive changes. The adoption of these solutions not only marks the beginning of the digital workplace transformation, but also opens the world to an era of working nomads.