Kevin kentprincipal consultant

Kevin Kent
business areas of expertise
  • Data Centers
  • Smart Cities
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mission Critical Operations
  • ESG
technology area of experties
  • Electronics (I.T. Hardware)
  • Electrical (Power Quality and Efficiency Programs)
  • Mechanical (I.T. Cooling, HVAC)
  • Architectural
  • Structural

 Kevin Kent, the Founder & CEO of Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions, is widely recognized as a leader in data center optimization, sustainability, ESG, and energy efficiency. His expertise and commitment to improving global data center energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint have earned him accolades both nationally and internationally. 

 Kevin maintains affiliations with several United States environmental foundations and holds the prestigious designation of Climate Reality Leader. In recognition of his contributions to the industry, Kevin was selected to serve on the Board of Directors of the international Data Center Institute, where he continues to focus on advancing data center energy efficiency, ESG, and sustainability, practices. 

 As a global trainer for DCD Academy, Kevin provides critical training and certification for professionals in the data center industry. He has earned numerous certifications, including CDCP (Certified Data Center Professional) and DCT (Data Center Technician) facilities management. 

 In 2022, Kevin’s achievements were further acknowledged as he was named a global Top 100 Tech Innovator and Influencer, as well as the recipient of the Innovator of the Year award at the London Edge Conference. Throughout the year, he has been featured in various tech magazines, blogs, webinars, and live podcasts, solidifying his reputation as a global thought leader in the field. 

 Kevin’s expertise and insights have led to invitations to serve as a keynote speaker at multiple virtual and upcoming live conferences, both in the United States and internationally. Notably, he was invited to present at the United Nations technology center, where he raised awareness of the climate emergency, address global data center energy consumption, and educate attendees on achieving data center energy efficiency, and improving sustainable business practices, without compromising overall health or reliability. 

 Kevin’s passion, expertise, and practical approach make him an influential figure in the data center industry, as he continues to create awareness, provide education, and drive positive change in pursuit of a more sustainable future. 

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