Need for Speed

Either you can’t wait for 5G to be available because its going to completely change the world or you have no idea what 5G means and don’t really care.  If you are in the later group: 5G is supposed to deliver new levels of performance and efficiency that will empower user experiences and connect new industries.  It will deliver muti-Gbps rates, ultra-low latency, massive capacity and more uniform user experience

5G is fast… really fast

5G is supposed to be 200X faster than the 4G LTE.  That’s really fast.  In the real world, 5G won’t change a users internet browsing experience on a smartphone, even if you wanted to stream live 4K videos.  Then again, that’s not what 5G is for.  It’s supposed to be what finally makes the “Internet of Things” possible, where every device is connected and can be controlled. 

“The evolution of 5G is significant as it will enable new technologies and applications that are just not possible today.  The most significant areas we’ll see an immediate impact of 5G is healthcare, smart buildings, smart cities, manufacturing, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.”

In my view, the network operators are building information superhighways needed for tomorrow digital economy.  At the same time, they are keenly aware that they’ll have to increase their investments, potential doubling over the next five years.  This conundrum raises important questions about investment strategy and future profits.

5G is destined to be huge — profoundly impacting every human activity.  It will accelerate innovation, connect communities and help secure our world.