The Internet has had more profound effect on the world we live in than any other technological advances we have had over the last century. It has affected our lives in ways we can’t even imagine; we are in the Digital Era. Innovation never stops and change is constant. Today, our sustainability relies on knowledge turnover within the economy and society. The social and economic implications of the Digital Era are huge and will increase as technological functionality become more knowledge-based, our everyday lives and understanding of ourselves become more linked to it, and it takes on a life of its own. Think of the digital era in terms of evolution.

We are in the most dynamic and disruptive cycle in the history. Digital Utility, Internet of Things [IoT], Big Data, Software as a Service [SaaS], Platform as a Service [PaaS] can be seen as the development of evolutionary systems in which knowledge turnover could be out of the controls of humans, making it a time in which our lives become more difficult to manage. The connection between people and technology provide the backbone for the future economies and industries. I encourage this change, yet there are critical elements missing which are often overlooked and taken for granted.

I hope you will spend some “strategic-thinking-time” on “how our world will look like in 2025?” and I am sure this will broaden your scope and will have some great spin-offs for the shorter term too