Anyone who thinks technology isn’t going to keep changing the world has got their head in the sand. The Data Center market has enjoyed years of relative stability and gradual technological evolution.  We are about to undergo drastic changes.  Computing is ubiquitous and is forming a vast network of data that simply disappears into the background of our lives.  We have moved forward into the era of limitless computing.  I believe, this computing power will digitize everything around us, in many cases it already has. The Digital Utility is the core element of disruption and we need to strike the right balance between using data to create intelligence, personal experiences while maintaining privacy and security.

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 50 billion connected devices.  We are in a world that is constantly changing.  While we are adapting to connectivity and digital utility, it is critical to define the core and make smart choices.  Bottom line, we will continue to innovate and evolve.  We are on the forefront of innovation and have the desire to change.  Together we have the opportunity to create technology that impacts the future.  IT leaders need a vision of how to adapt to change and focus on innovation. Nothing is off the table in how we think and what the future of computing beholds.

As we embark into this disruptive journey, I invite you to join us @nabeelmahmood and share your thought leadership and vision and be outspoken about it.