Good data means you’re able to sift through the noise and quickly identify current and future opportunities relevant to your business.  An interview with one of the masterminds at good data podcast …

Drew Fransworth of The Good Data Podcast interviews Nabeel Mahmood. Being an entrepreneur he’s got a ton of new ventures that he’s working on including the one that the podcast is mostly focused on which is a company called querai that’s spelled q-u-e-r-a-i , so like investigating things with AI. Querai is using AI to improve the performance of monitoring software and they’re starting specifically with batteries and energy storage. Often batteries are sort of conceived as just a piece of the UPS system when really their a unique component that has completely separate requirements and specifications from the UPS itself.

“The advent of technology has made it very easy to find data in its raw form. Going deeper to find “good data” — the data points that are actionable and support business goals defines Querai.” Nabeel Mahmood

The podcast also talks about the IDCA, the International Data Center Authority where Mahmood sits on the technical standards committee. For those of you who don’t know, IDCA is a standards body that is attempting to bridge some of the gaps between what ISO and Uptime and TIA and some other great agencies are doing.  Learn the importance of big data and how Querai is on its way to helpunify monitoring and controls, especially by leveraging APIs so that data center software packages talk nicely to each other.

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