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Why Don’t You Get a Job (In a Data Center)

Unfortunately, no grandmother wants her grandchild to become a data center technician.

Data Center Knowledge interviews Nabeel Mahmood on the human capital and skills crisis faced in the data center industry,

Mahmood shares the data center culture and approaches to attracting a new generation of talent into the wonderful world of mission-critical infrastructure.

According to Mahmood, the main challenge for the industry is awareness – data center degrees are still few and far between, and industry professionals are too busy with their job of connecting the world to spend time on extolling the virtues of a data center career.

Long term, trade schools for data center engineers might hold the answer. But in the short term, data centers could try to capture some of the workforce that left their jobs in recent months as part of a social phenomenon dubbed ‘the great resignation.’

Mahmood will be discussing the skills crisis in-depth at the upcoming Data Center Worldconference and exhibition in Austin, Texas, taking place between 28 and 31 March at the Austin Convention Center.