200 million active Twitter users send 400 million tweets per day

751 million mobile users access Facebook every month

600,000 pieces of content are shared on Facebook each minute

72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month

Most  social media users, perfect selfies takers and great content sharers are not aware of how indispensable data centers are;  they store all the information we need to keep being social and have the amazing 2.0 life we enjoy right now. Everyone with online presence (that includes using google) is a data center user. We all are part of these numbers and data centers are the homes of internet.

You can visit Google Data Center here. Google has 13 data centers all over the world, using 0.01% of global energy. They are always looking to improve the energy usage and making their data centers greener.

Did you know? A large data center has a capacity to use as much electricity as a small town in United States.

Facebook Data Centers:  with more than 1 billion users, the most famous  social network in the world, Facebook has admitted that its users utilize around 7 petabytes of photo storage from its facility every month.

Fact: Data centers more than 7 years old are considered out of date as per Green Computing norms. However, in practical the average life of a data center is considered to be 9 years.

Twitter: our favorite blue bird it’s planning to expand their data center and instead of building they are looking to buy. The 990,000 square foot QTS Metro Technology Center where Twitter houses its servers  in Atlanta, is one of the worlds largest data centers. We think they need the space, considering that twitter users send 400 million tweet per day.

Pinterest: all pins and boards expanding from 50,000 users to 17 million in 9 months. Now at 48 million users, Pinterest was able to scale its

business because it was built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This cloud based solution processes 8 billion objects and 400 terabytes of data.

Data centers are so much more than just a space filled with cables and servers, they are the heart of the internet.